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Lorry Driver CPC Training

Are you a Lorry Driver? Have you completed your Driver CPC hours? Flexistaff Solutions Ltd can help! We provide JAUPT approved modules that help you achieve your training hours and teach you something new every time!

Forklifts And MHE Training

If you or your team use Manual Handling Equipment, always ensure everyone is working safely and securely. Flexistaff provides training for new users and those who need a refresher.

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About Flexistaff Solutions Ltd

Since 2014, Flexistaff Solutions Ltd has been training workers around the UK to work safely. Our courses are adapted to keep up with trends, legal legislation and changes to machinery. Our ethos is that the training should be informative, so whatever course you take you will walk away with something new!

Forklift Trucks
Rue Itzinger

Know Your Forklift Stuff

Forklifts and MHE have become an integral part for many businesses in the 21st century. But knowing the difference between your flexi and your NVA

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