4 Top Tips on How to Become a Healthy Trucker.

4 Top Tips on How to Become a Healthy Trucker

4 Top Tips on How to Become a Healthy Trucker.

In the world of trucking, it can be hard to stay healthy. Especially with all the service station food, long hours, and anti-social work. However, just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here at Flexistaff Solutions Ltd, we know a thing or two about trucking. So, we’ve decided to put together 4 top tips on how to become a healthy truck driver. However, before reading, it’s important to know that these are just 4 tips, and they’re intended to help you stay healthier than before. Simply doing these 4 things alone does not make you ‘physically fit and ready to work’. We’re truckers, after all – not doctors.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!



Just the very word ‘snacks’ can bring bad vibes, as many people think snacks means chocolate, crisps, and other unhealthy foods. However, a small change here can help to make your trucking lifestyle that little bit healthier.

Unsalted nuts and dried fruits make for a great alternative for sugary and salty snacks. However, as these may be harder to come by on the road, stocking up on these before you set on a job is always a good bet. Not only this but keeping them in sealed Tupperware and setting yourself snack times will help you to cut down on cravings and maintain a somewhat healthier diet.

Of course, we’re not saying you must entirely cut energy drinks and pork scratchings out of your diet. However, what we are saying is that you should keep these as an occasional treat, instead of relying on them as your daily snack. Additionally, we’re not saying you can only eat plain nuts and dried fruits. What we are saying is that the next time you’re in a service station, consider picking up these instead of your favourite XL chocolate bar. Little changes like this will help your snacking habits significantly. As not only do sugary and unhealthy snacks not help maintain a healthy diet but they also often fail to keep you full for longer.

Extra tip – stocking up on these healthier snacks to stock up your cab before you go will also help you to save money. As we’ve all had to buy a full lunch at a service station before, and we all know how much lighter it made our wallets.


Resting and Downtime.

Being a professional truck driver can be a lonely profession. And, although many people will be hesitant to admit it, everybody gets lonely from time to time. So, if you’re not resting properly and giving yourself time to unwind, this can make your mood even worse.

Helping your mind rest in the periods when you’re not driving can be tough. However, there are ways of helping this. Easy options include taking an eye mask and headphones to listen to music whilst you rest, with other options including reading materials such as a book or an e-book reader. These may not seem health-related, but these will help you to unwind. After all, ensuring your mind is healthy will help you feel better overall. If you think being healthy is purely a physical condition, you’re mistaken.

Mental health is just as important to a trucker as physical health. And, if you’re not doing everything possible to ensure your mental health is good, you’ll struggle to become a ‘healthy’ trucker.


Work Out.

We’re not expecting you to do a 2-mile run every day. I mean, as impressive as that would be, I don’t think the Polizei would appreciate a trucker getting in his 2-mile run on the side of the Autobahn. However, there are easy alternatives to help you get in your exercise and keep you healthy whilst out and about on the road.

For example, a trucker can take small equipment such as a kettlebell or suspension cables for an intense 15-minute workout whilst parked at a service station. There are no excuses not to take part in a daily workout when, not only do you now have workout equipment in your cab, but many service stations throughout Europe offer shower and bathroom services.

Providing you take part in a workout on a daily basis, you’ll remain healthy and active, even if the majority of your day is taken up by driving.


Social Time.

Once again, most truckers may feel as though they can go days on end without a proper chat. However, deep down, this will start to take its toll – especially if you’ve not had a proper chat for several days. This is why it’s important to ensure you have a good ol’ chinwag from time to time.

Through the magic of technology, apps like Whatsapp or Facetime will allow you some quality time with your nearest and dearest, no matter where you are in the world. Provided your phone or tablet has the appropriate app, and you’re connected to WiFi (or have roaming data), you’ll be able to speak to your friends and family anywhere in the world.

Scheduling chats and catchups with your family and friends will help to keep your spirits high, whilst also preventing you from getting too low on your long-distance drives. Being happy is key to staying healthy, so a little catchup and gossip with your brother or drinking buddies will help keep spirits high. Of course, it’s best to try and schedule this as best you can, as your time zone might be different from those you’re calling.



There you have it, 4 top tips on how to become a healthy truck driver. Think we’ve missed any? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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