5 Reasons you Need a Dash Cam.

Dash cam

Over the past 10 years, there have been some amazing creations. Smartphones, contactless payments, and even those strange self-head massagers you can now buy.

But, these aren’t necessary for truck drivers. But what should be necessary for every professional driver? A dash cam.

These nifty pieces of kit come with a variety of benefits. So, here at Flexistaff, we’ve decided to list 5 of the most important reasons you need a dash cam.

1. Legal Evidence.

No doubt the single most important reason you need a dashcam on the road is for evidence.

If your truck is involved in an accident caused by a fellow driver, it can result in several bad outcomes. From points on your license to damaging your future driving career. However, with the use of a dash cam, you have peace of mind.

Dash cams can be and are used as evidence in a court case. And it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, why take the chance? Taking to the road without a dash cam seems foolish when you consider this point.

Some dash cams even include special features to ensure the footage is protected. Some offering wireless uploads, and others protecting files when an impact is detected. It’s safe to say that your truck needs a dash cam from this point alone.

2. Reduces Insurance Costs.

Much like a black box, having a dash cam in the cab of your truck can reduce your insurance costs.

Sadly, the reduction (if any) will depend on your insurance company. You may also be required to use a specific dash cam make or model. But if you’re considering buying a dash cam (which you should), it’s worth speaking to your insurance company before heading back onto the road. They may offer you a discount. You may find that you’re entitled to a discount of up to 30%.

3. Monitor/Improve Your Driving.

Sadly, not everybody on the road will be careful as you. So, there’s no harm in making sure your driving is as safe and professional as possible.

Watching back footage from your dash cam is a great way of ensuring your driving is at the standard you’d expect. Treating the footage like a hazard perception test. Are you indicating and breaking when you should be?

What’s more, some dash cams also include an inward-facing camera, giving you a view inside your truck’s cab. So, if you’ve picked up any nasty habits in the way you drive, you’ll be able to spot them and nip them in the bud.

4. Affordable.

Dash cams are no longer as expensive as they used to be. If you’re ok with a basic model to do the job, you’d be surprised how cheap they can be.

A quick search online shows that you can pick up a decent dash cam for your truck for as little as £40. Models like this would do the basics to a decent standard. But if you’re expecting a £40 model to compare to a £250 model, you’ll be disappointed.

Ultimately, it depends on what you want from your dash cam. If you want a 6-lane wide-angle lens with Ultra HD 4k resolution and GPS tracking, you’re going to be spending more than £40. But if you’re after a basic dash cam, anything on the cheaper side will do just fine.

5. Record Your Journey.

As a professional truck driver, you’re likely to be driving to and through some beautiful places.

Of course, you can’t stop to take pictures of your view every different country you pass through. Luckily, many dashcams now include not only video capturing but the ability to take still images too. Of course, this varies per model. So, make sure you check this before pressing random buttons on your dash cam to take a picture of the mountains in front of you.

Although these pictures may not be of the best quality (due to the likely high speed you’re travelling on the road) it’s better than nothing. Plus, you’ll have the video footage of the journey.


If we’ve not completely convinced you to pick up a dash cam by this point, perhaps a short list of some of the best and their features will help. Click here to read our blog on the top dash cams in 2019.

Ultimately, dash cams well worth the investment, regardless of the model you choose. With the only negative being the cost, the positives vastly outweigh the negative. So, before you next climb into your truck and head out on the road, maybe you should look into buying yourself a dash cam.

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