7 Benefits of Forklift Safety Training for Your Staff.

7 Benefits of Forklift Safety Training for Your Staff

Forklift trucks can be extremely dangerous in untrained hands. So, they should only be operated by trained members of staff. It goes without saying, but we’ve said it anyway.

However, you may be surprised at the number of extra benefits a forklift safety training course can bring to your business. We’ve decided to highlight the 7 best benefits that these courses can bring to your business, your staff, and to you.

Reduces Risk of Injury to Drivers.

With dangerous machinery comes the risk of injury to the operator. And forklifts are no different.

Forklifts take both skill and knowledge to drive safely. And one of the least surprising things about a forklift safety training course is that it teaches you just that. Both the skill and knowledge to drive a forklift correctly and safely. Of course, with this comes the reduced risk of injury to the driver or operator. So, this comes as both one of the main purposes of a safety course and main benefits

These injuries include rolling the forklift, whiplash, and more. To read more about common forklift injuries and how to avoid them, click here.

Reduces Risk of Injury to Other Workers.

Alongside the risk of injury to the operator comes the risk to those around them. Co-workers and fellow operatives.

If an untrained member of staff drivers or operates a forklift, it can produce dangerous results. Such as collisions with other workers, carrying loads too heavy for the machine, and dropping products. Any of these incidents would be damaging to the operative, the people involved, and your business. For the safety of your workers, these should be avoided at all costs.

As previously mentioned, forklift safety training courses educate your workers on these incidents and how to avoid them.

Return on Investment.

Returning to the business side of things, one of the main benefits of forklift safety training is the potential return on investment. Of course, forklift safety training courses cost money to participate in. Either for a business or an individual. However, attending a forklift safety training course almost always returns on its investment.

As an individual, you can expect to raise your employability with one of these courses. Which, in 2019 is a huge benefit to you. It will allow you to apply for better jobs which pay more and have better job security. There is always a demand for qualified forklift drivers. Therefore, there will always be jobs you can apply for.

As a business, these courses also bring benefits in the form of a return on your investment. More safety training means fewer accidents. Fewer accidents mean fewer insurance claims and damage costs. Not only this, but a better education on forklift safety also leads to our next point.

Increased Productivity.

One forklift can do the work of several people. So, the more forklifts and trained operatives you have, the higher the productivity you’ll see in your business.

Of course, to use forklifts, you’ll need qualified staff members. It’s the law. But, once you have these and you begin to use forklifts in your business, you’ll soon see the benefits they bring. You’ll realise that your productivity will increase. Sometimes this is in the speed of the work, other times it is in the volume of work you’re able to complete. Ultimately, a well-trained operative and forklift will benefit your business in terms of productivity.

Opportunity for Growth.

When your staff has undertaken forklift safety training, they’ll be able to operate forklifts. When your business uses forklifts, it increases the opportunities for your business to grow.

As previously mentioned, providing your staff with forklift courses will increase productivity. With this increased productivity, you’ll gain a further benefit – growth opportunities. For example, imagine you’ve started using forklifts as a business. You realise your workers are getting work done much quicker. You are now freed up to either take on more or larger orders, as the forklifts have made the process more efficient. Therefore, by using forklifts, you’ve presented your business with the opportunity to grow.

A business with the opportunity to grow always had the opportunity to succeed. So, if you’re able to provide your business with the means to grow, why would you not?

Reducing Bad Habits.

Alongside entry-level training courses, refresher courses are also available for forklift operators.

Refresher courses will rid experienced forklift drivers of any bad habits they may have picked up. Having bad habits when operating machinery can often lead to dangerous situations. And, seeing as forklift licenses are legally required to be renewed every 3 years, why not provide your employees with a refresher course too? Dusting off the cobwebs and squashing those bad habits can only be a positive.

If you’re looking for a refresher course for your employees, click here.

Better Quality of Life for Forklifts.

A forklift is like a car. Except they generally don’t have doors. And they often have two large bars sticking out of the front of them. And they’re not suitable to drive your kids to football practice. But other than this, they’re just like cars. Look after them, and they’ll look after you.

As with any piece of machinery, they must be operated and driven properly. This includes operating them in appropriate locations, understanding their maximum loads, and more. If these steps aren’t followed, the machinery can suffer serious damage and become faulty or unusable. This would then require an investigation into the cause, as well as cost money to repair or replace the machinery.

However, you’re in luck! Another benefit of a forklift safety training course is the peace of mind knowing that your staff has been trained on how to use the equipment safely and properly. This will limit the amount of unnecessary stress put onto the forklifts, ultimately giving them a better quality of life. And no, we don’t mean that as in they’re living items. We of course mean they will last longer and perform better in the time that you use them.

Are you looking to supply your business with forklift safety training? Perhaps you’re looking to send employees on a refresher course? Or do you have questions about forklift training courses? Get in contact. Flexistaff Solutions Ltd provide Forklift training and safety courses tailor-made for your business needs.