Driver CPC – What Are Refresher Courses?

Driver CPC – What Are Refresher Courses?

Driver CPC – What Are Refresher Courses?

Driver CPC is vital for anyone driving HGVs for a living. And, if you’re not up to date with everything you need to know driver CPC, you’re in trouble. But, luckily for you, we’re here to give you a helping hand!

With a CPC comes driver CPC refresher courses. But what exactly is a driver CPC refresher course? What’s included? And how much is it?

Don’t worry, truckers! We’ve got you covered. Here we’ll be going through everything you need to know about driver CPC refresher courses, including how they affect you, and what types of courses are available.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s get into it.

What is Driver CPC?

Driver CPC stands for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and is a qualification needed for all professional truck, bus, coach, and any most other HGV drivers.

Introduced first in 2008 for bus and coach drivers, then in 2009 for truck drivers, driver CPC is now a legal requirement for HGV drivers. Without one, drivers can face a fine of up to £1,000 if caught driving on the road.

For anyone driving a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes or a PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) with 9 or more seats, you will need a driver CPC, and ensure it is up to date with refresher courses.

A driver CPC is intended to test the ability of an individual when driving a HGV. As trucks, busses, and other heavy vehicles can be extremely dangerous when not operated correctly, this qualification was introduced to ensure all drivers of these vehicles are qualified and competent.

What Are CPC Refresher Courses?

CPC refresher courses are also a legal requirement, designed to ensure drivers are still fit to operate HGVs. Not only in terms of physical abilities, but also in terms of mental ability. This includes reflexes, reading the road, understanding the limits of the vehicle, and more. However, there is not just one course.

There are dozens of courses available that will allow a driver to complete the hours of training needed. To view the courses we offer, click here.

When completing the hours required, a driver’s CPC will be reinstated, meaning the driver can continue using their bus, coach, or truck.

How Often Do I Need to Take CPC Refresher Courses?

The law requires that all professional truck, bus, and coach drivers must participate in 35 hours of CPC training every 5 years.

We advise that you make note of when your CPC expires, and book in before this. As, from the moment your CPC has expired, you’re no longer allowed to operate a HGV on the road legally. This could leave you without work until you’ve completed your CPC refresher course.

What’s Included in a CPC Refresher Course?

35 hours of periodic training are mandatory in a CPC refresher course. However, in terms of what courses include, they vary, depending on the driver’s needs.

For example, here at Flexistaff Solutions Ltd, our courses include dangerous goods awareness, daily vehicle walkaround checks, and safe loading. To view a full list of courses we provide to fulfil your 35 hours needed to refresh your driver CPC, click here.

Each course lasts approximately 7 hours and can be taken as either a single session or across 2 days (split into 2 three-and-a-half-hour sessions). We deliver pre-approved JAUPT modular courses for all LGV drivers, including legal legislation.

How Much Are CPC Refresher Courses?

Here at Flexistaff Solutions Ltd, we’re proud to offer a range of courses that will make up the 35 hours training needed to refresh your driver CPC.

At either £50 per course or £250 for the full 35 hours of training needed to refresh your driver CPC, we have you covered for all your CPC refresher course needs.

If you’re a business looking to provide the 35 hours of training for your drivers, a lower fee can be negotiated for a larger group. Get in contact for details.

Where Can I Take CPC Refresher Courses?

All our driver CPC refresher courses can be tailor-made to fit your requirements and needs. Although we have a purpose-built training centre in Milton Keynes, we can also provide our courses at our learning centres in Luton or Dunstable.

Additionally, all our training courses can be provided on your own premises if needed. Simply contact us to arrange how we can best fit your needs.

What Happens Once I’ve Completed My Training?

If you’ve completed your 35 hours of training required, you’re good to get back on the road! Providing you’ve met the 35-hour threshold, you’re good to go for the next 5 years.

How Can I Check How Many Hours I’ve Done?

Seeing as the 35 hours of refresher courses are a legal requirement, it’d be nice to know when you’ve completed the hours needed, right?

Thankfully, you can.

Head over to to check the number of hours you’ve completed, and many you’ve yet to do. Bear in mind this requires you to create an account if you don’t already have one. However, your hours are calculated via your driving license number, therefore if you haven’t created an account before starting your training, these should still be recorded on here via this.


Hopefully, this blog has helped you to understand a bit more about driver CPC, refresher courses, and more.

If you’re looking for more information on the subject, why not contact us?

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the next one!