Five Common Misconceptions about Truck Drivers

trailer truck passing on road during daytime

Being a truck driver has many benefits and is a fantastic career opportunity. However, like all roles, there are many common misconceptions about driving a truck and being an HGV driver.

The truth is, trucking is an essential part of the economy, and if the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s just how important HGV drivers are in keeping the country running and our products moving.

We thought we would take a closer look at, and dispel, some of the most common misconceptions surrounding truck driving.

Trucking is a man’s job

This is one of the most common myths surrounding trucking and is simply not true. Like construction and the world of IT, trucking is a very male-dominant industry, but the career is certainly not a man’s job.

Recent estimates suggest that of the 315,000 truck drivers registered in the UK, around 2,200 are currently female. This figure is growing, too, with an increasing number of women realising that not only are they just as capable as men in the field, but the job provides a wide role of benefits too.

It’s a low paying job

Another very common misconception about the world of truck driving is that it is a low paying role. Again, this is not true. Starting salaries are typically around £19,000 per annum, while the UK average for drivers is just over £29,000.  

This is in comparison to the UK average, which is a little over £30,000. This makes it a very attractive offer for those looking for a new career opportunity, while it is also a very secure job with an almost never-ending stream of work.

You’re sat down all day

While this is certainly true to some extent, it is no more than many office-based jobs. While you will be sat down driving for long stretches, the vast majority of people do that for at least eight hours a day hunched over the desk.

Being an HGV driver might require long drives, but it is also an incredibly varied role as you load and unload your truck, take stock inventory and liaise with customers.

Truck driving is lonely

Another very common myth of being a truck driver is that it is an incredibly lonely job. When you are out on the road, you will typically be alone, but this gives you the chance to catch up on the latest podcasts or listen to your favourite songs. Some drivers even use the time on the road to learn a new language from audiobooks.

However, what many people don’t realise is that being a truck driver can also be a very sociable profession. You will be constantly meeting new people from all over the country, sharing stories and telling tales. Becoming a truck driver is also like joining a big family. You will find a thriving community of fellow drivers who can be very supportive and will provide you with a warm welcome.

Truckers spend a long time away from their family

One of the most frequently believed myths surrounding being a truck driver is that it means you will spend days, if not weeks, away from your family. While it is true certain jobs will see you have to go away for a period of time, most jobs are regional and local, ensuring you will be able to go home more frequently.

Even on those jobs where you might have to travel further and won’t be home for a few days, technology has advanced to such a point that you will be able to still connect with them closely. Smartphones and tablets make things such as facetime incredibly easy, so even though you are far away, you will always be able to chat with each other.

Looking to become a truck driver?

Being a truck driver can be a highly rewarding career, and despite common misconceptions, it is a great choice for both men and women, and those looking for a physically and mentally challenging job.

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