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Specialist equipment needs specialist training. If you’re looking for flexi truck training courses provided by experts, you’re in the right place. Flexistaff Solutions based in Luton and Milton Keynes provide the most up to date Flexi Truck Training in the most flexible bespoke manner.

Our team of fully qualified instructors will assess your needs, creating a custom flexi or bendi forklift truck training course specifically for you. These courses can then be provided at either one of our facilities nationwide, or even on your own premises! * 

What’s more, our courses cover anyone from novices to experience flexi truck operators. So, what are you waiting for? 

Forklift Truck Training Luton & Milton Keynes

Why Choose Us For Flexi TruckTraining?

Flexi articulated warehouse trucks provide more cost-effective alternatives to a standard warehouse forklift. Also known as a bendi truck, these vehicles are a cross between a reach and a counterbalance truck. The front axle moves to steer the forklift, which includes moving the forks.

Operating a flexi truck requires specialist training and should not be operated without the relevant training. Luckily, the appropriate training can be found here:

Forklift Truck Training Luton & Milton Keynes

What will I learn about on my flexi truck training course?

As part of our flexi truck training courses, you expect to learn:

  • How to drive a flexi truck safely in a warehouse/work yard.
  • How to operate the lifting mechanics in a working environment.
  • The importance of load limits and correctly loading the forklift.
  • How to refuel a flexi truck safely.
  • And more.

So, if you’re looking for fully flexible and professional flexi truck training, click the link below!

Forklift Truck Training Luton & Milton Keynes

The most common and iconic of the forklift family. Used mainly in larger warehouses and outdoor areas.

Forklift Truck Training Luton & Milton Keynes

The pedestrian pallet truck or pedestrian operated electric truck is used in warehouses and industrial units. It is designed to be used on smooth level floors.

Forklift Truck Training Luton & Milton Keynes

Reach trucks are narrow-aisle stacking trucks. Categorised as Class 2 lift trucks in material handling.

Forklift Truck Training Luton & Milton Keynes

VNA Trucks provide maximum performance in high rack warehouse spaces. They enable exceptional pace of load handling.

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