4 Truck Driving Facts That You May Not Know.

Eagle View of Highway

Some people see driving as a chore. Others, like us who drive for a living, can see ourselves as lucky to be able to drive a truck for a living.

The open road, beautiful scenery, and most importantly – we’re in charge of the radio!

Truck driving is a hugely important method of transporting goods worldwide. Yet there are still many parts to professional driving that many drivers don’t know. So, today we’ve decided to compile 4 simple facts about long-haul truck driving that you may not know.

Driver Shortage.

It’s estimated that there are less than 300,000 registered truck drivers in the UK, with only around 3,600 of those being women. 

This represents a shortage of professional HGV drivers in Britain and shows why there is a huge demand for people to move into the truck driving profession. It’s also reported that the UK can only expect this shortage to become worse. This means there are many job opportunities for new truck drivers, with high levels of job security. 

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Unsung Heroes.

You may feel as though you don’t see as many trucks on the road as you think you would. But this is because HGV drivers don’t adhere to the usual 9-5 structure. 

Why is this? 

Well, because roughly 85% of everything the UK buys, eats, uses and wears is transported by HGV’s and trucks. 

That’s right. Walk into any supermarket, toy shop, or wholesaler. Around 85% of everything for sale in there has travelled via a truck. This shows how dependent our economy is on professional HGV drivers, and why the shortage is such a significant problem going forward.

So, the next time you visit a shopping centre, be thankful for us truckers!

Uber For a Driver, Please!

Even professional drivers use Uber.

That’s right. Drivers paying other drivers to drive them around. 

Whilst on the road out and about, it’s not uncommon for truck drivers to be ahead of schedule. Which, sometimes, doesn’t suit the client. They may not be ready to receive the delivery just yet. 

So, what can you do?

Sightseeing, of course!

That’s right, it’s not uncommon for professional drivers to go sightseeing if they’re way ahead of schedule. But, of course, the truck and goods can’t join them. So, often, professional drivers will call taxis to take them from the truck stop to the tourist attraction. 


Going My Way?

Ever wonder why you don’t often see truck drivers with someone riding shotgun? 

Truck driving can be a lonely profession. So, it can be tempting to take someone along for the ride. Or, if you’re heading in their direction, it can seem appealing to pick up a hitchhiker for the company. 

However, doing so can get you fired.

How so? 

Anyone other than the driver riding in the cab without prior approval is considered an unauthorised passenger. Because of this, any insurance policies in place will likely become void. Driving without the appropriate insurance policy is extremely dangerous and also highly illegal.

But surely nobody will know if you take a passenger, right?

Wrong. Most companies will ask that some sort of camera be installed in your cab for general monitoring purposes. These will often track any movement inside your truck’s cab, as well as when your vehicle stops and where. This footage is supplied to your company or agency. And then, if you’re caught taking unauthorized passengers on the road, you’ll likely be dismissed.

So, don’t risk it by picking up hitchhikers on the road. Just crank up the Dolly Parton and keep on trucking. 


And there you have it, 4 facts you may not have known about truck driving. 

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