How Do You Become A Forklift Driver?

Driver CPC, Forklift Truck & Manual Handling Training - Flexistaff Solutions Limited

Driver CPC, Forklift Truck & Manual Handling Training - Flexistaff Solutions Limited

Becoming a forklift driver is a highly rewarding career move. The demand for drivers is on the rise, which means you will be able to enjoy fantastic job security alongside a highly competitive wage. How do you become a forklift driver, though?


If you are looking to switch up your career and start your journey to becoming a forklift driver but are not sure where to begin, we have taken a closer look at what you need to do.


What do you need to become a driver?

Just like driving a car, in order to become a forklift truck operator, you need to undergo training before getting behind the wheel. Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure safety at work, and the industry has created a range of courses and certification schemes designed to showcase a driver’s skill and aptitude.


Operating these vehicles can be a complex process, particularly when working with heavy loads, at height, or in a confined space. That is why these training courses are designed to help drivers improve and learn:

  • The knowledge of safety codes and best working practices
  • Driving theory
  • How to operate the machine safely
  • How to load and unload
  • How to carry out daily operational checks
  • A range of manoeuvring exercises
  • Health and safety rules
  • Driving on and off ramps
  • And much more


These training sessions will take place over several days and should be undertaken before you start your job. This ensures you will be able to hit the ground running on your first day. Typically, for a complete beginner, a five-day course is enough to give them the skills and knowledge to undertake any project.


Even once drivers have secured this certification, they are still required to undertake regular refresher courses in order to maintain it.


What makes a good forklift driver?

While these training sessions are designed to teach anyone the skills required to operate a forklift truck, there are a number of key attributes that make a great driver:



Driving a forklift, particularly when at full load, requires a lot of concentration. Drivers are often having to navigate potentially dangerous environments, so it is vital they are aware of what is happening.



Another key skill that forklift drivers need is discipline. Working in a hazardous environment requires strict health and safety rules to be followed, so it is crucial that drivers are following them exactly.


Being calm under pressure

Working in these environments can be stressful, and things might not always go to plan. That is why being able to remain calm under pressure and reacting to situations as they arise is a key skill that every forklift driver has.



No two days can be the same for a forklift driver, which is why you will need to be able to be adaptable to whatever job is at hand.



Finally, you will also need to be able to have high teamwork skills. You will need to work closely with a wide range of colleagues, so it is essential you can work alongside other people with ease.


Looking to become a forklift driver?

Are you looking to start your career as a forklift truck driver? Here at FlexiStaff Solutions, we are one of the country’s leading providers of forklift truck training. Our highly experienced and fully qualified instructors are here to help you undertake your training, assessing your requirements to create a fully customised plan just for you.


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