Reach Truck Training

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Reach Truck Training

Reach trucks represent one of the more specialist forklifts available on the market. So, naturally, they require specialist training to operate. But fear not, as reach truck training courses are just a click away. 

Designed to operate efficiently in narrow aisles, these machines are perfect for stacking products at various heights. Only to be operated by a fully trained, Class 2 licence, reach trucks are one of the more specialised vehicles we offer training for. 

Why Choose Us For Reach Truck Training?

Our reach truck training courses are fully customised around your needs. Provided by one of our experts, all our forklift training courses can be fulfilled in either one of several training sites nationwide, or on your own premises *

No experience? No worries! The beauty of Flexistaff Solutions’ reach truck training courses is that they range from novice level to experienced operators. No matter your level, there’s a course for you. From beginners and starters to refresher courses. 

About Our Reach Truck Courses

As part of our reach truck training courses, you expect to learn:

  • How to drive & operate a reach truck safely in a busy warehouse environment.
  • The importance of load limits and correctly loading the forklift.
  • How to charge/refuel a reach truck safely.
  • And more.

So, if you’re looking for flexible reach truck training, click the link below to get started!

The most common and iconic of the forklift family. Used mainly in larger warehouses and outdoor areas.

The pedestrian pallet truck or pedestrian operated electric truck is used in warehouses and industrial units. It is designed to be used on smooth level floors.

Flexi articulated warehouse trucks provide more cost-effective alternatives to a standard warehouse forklift.

VNA Trucks provide maximum performance in high rack warehouse spaces. They enable exceptional pace of load handling.

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