The 7 Best Truck Driving Snacks to Take on the Road.

The 7 Best Truck Driving Snacks to Take on the Road

The 7 Best Truck Driving Snacks to Take on the Road.

Before we start, no, this blog isn’t about the best snacks that can drive a truck. It’s about the best snacks for truck drivers to carry with them on the road.

As most truckers know, relying on getting your food and snacks from service stations can be a pain. Not only can they make your wallet a lot lighter, but they will also only have a limit selection – often made up of chocolate, salty snacks, and energy drinks. So, what can you do?

Pre-packing your food is the best option for any trucker. It’s cheaper, you know what you have, and you won’t have to stop every time you get snackish. But when it comes to which snacks you choose to pack, there are some that are far better than others.

So, in no particular order, here are the 7 best truck driving snacks.


One of the ultimate snack foods, nuts come in a variety of forms, which gives truck drivers many options to choose from. We recommend going for unsalted nuts, as the salted kind can quickly drive up your daily salt intake. And, even though nuts are often high in fat, this type of fat is known as monounsaturated, meaning it’s one of the ‘healthy’ fats.

Easy to eat and long-lasting, nuts are easy to store in the average truck cab, too. From a small re-sealable pot to shop-bought packets, nuts will take up minimal space when you’re on the road, making them a great snack for any trucker.

Of course, this option isn’t recommended for those with nut allergies, so be sure you’re not allergic before buying any nut-based snack.


Much like nuts, dried fruits make for a great snack on the road for several reasons. Having a longer shelf life than regular fruit and taking up little space are two of the best reasons. However, of course, being fruit, they also contain high nutritional value.

This type of food often contains a high source of fibre and are perfect for truckers with a sweet tooth. It’s important to note that dried fruits can often contain lots of added sugar (which isn’t always a bad thing), but it’s important to check the label before loading up your cab with dried fruit.

When it comes to fresh fruit as a snack, you’ll want to make sure you store them correctly to avoid spoiling. After all, you don’t want your cab to smell of spoiled apples and bananas a few days into your trip. Some fresh fruit can also be messy to eat, such as plums and oranges, so if you’re bringing these along, ensure you have the right cleaning products just in case. Berries are a great choice of snack, and can easily be stored in tubs or lunchboxes, and are also easy to eat on the road.

There are conflicting reports on which fruits are good to eat on an empty stomach. However, acidic fruits like oranges and apples should be avoided when your stomach is empty.


When it comes to eating vegetables as a snack on the road, many of the rules of eating fresh fruit can apply. These rules include making sure they’re properly packed/sealed and eating them before they spoil. Yet, once again much like fruit, taking vegetables as a snack can also provide a truck driver with large nutritional benefits.

Pre-prepared peppers, celery, and carrots make for some of the easiest vegetables to eat on the road, and when added with hummus, they make a delicious snack. Not only this, but they’re often low in calories, high in iron and vitamin C, whilst also filling you up for longer. When it comes to the best snacks to take with you in your truck, vegetables and hummus might be the best option available.

Of course, hummus isn’t the easiest thing to store in a truck. However, our tip is to put some into a travel mug and store it in your cool box. This keeps the hummus fresh for longer and makes it easy to eat whilst driving.


When it comes to breakfast, oatmeal or porridge is a staple for a healthy and nourishing meal to start your day. However, what you might not realise is how good they are for truckers. Of course, by that, we mean how convenient they are for people spending their time on the road, not that their benefits only affect truckers…

With many breakfast brands venturing into the on-the-go market, oatmeal and porridge have never been easier to access for truckers. Simply add hot water, give it a stir, and you’re ready to go. Nutritional, easy, and delicious, oatmeal and porridge will keep you full up for longer, meaning it’s one of the best snacks to take with you on the road.


“Water isn’t a snack!” I can already hear some of you saying. Well, in some cases, it can be just as good as one.

From time to time when you’re feeling snackish, take a sip of water. Not only will this hydrate you, but from time to time, it will satisfy your ‘hunger’ needs. This one is only a short entry, but even still, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated! So, stock up your cab with bottled water.


High in protein and widely available, jerky can make for a great snack for truckers on the go. Available primarily as either beef or turkey, you can easily go wrong when stocking up on jerky, as some are high in sodium and sugar. If you choose jerky as your snack of choice on the road, you’ll want to think about packing it before you set off. As service stations will only stock a limited amount, lowering your chances of finding a healthier form of jerky.

If you’re a jerky fan, we recommend stocking up on this high in protein snack before you leave, as it lasts longer than most foods, and doesn’t require specialty storage.

Hard-Boiled Eggs.

A favourite snack of truckers, hard-boiled eggs are cheap to make, easy to store, contain around 5g of protein each, and contain around 70 calories. Boil a few before you get on the road, store them in a cool box, and voila – a healthy snack perfect for on the go!

This snack is available at some service stations but considering how cheap and easy it is to make yourself, we recommend preparing this one before you leave. If you’re thinking of doing this, be sure to place this snack on top of the other foods in your cool box to avoid them getting squashed!