Top 9 Must-Have Accessories for Your Truck (2020 Edition).

Top 9 Must-Have Accessories for Your Truck (2020 Edition).

Last year we compiled two lists of must-have accessories for truck drivers, which can be read here and here.

But as 2020 is now well underway, there are now new gadgets and gizmos on the market. Many of which can make your experience on the road that little bit easier. So, we’ve decided to give you our pick of the top 9 you’ll want to pick up this year.

Here are our top 9 must-have accessories for your truck for 2020:

Thermos Cool Box.

Eat. Sleep. Drive. Repeat. This is the average day of a trucker summarised into 4 words. But how can you be expected to do this successfully if your food isn’t in good condition? This is why you need the Thermos Cool Box in your HGV cab.

Rigid and sturdy, this cool box will keep all your snacks and treats in once piece whilst on the road. Available in either 28 or 32 litres, this cool box is a real must-have for any truck driver. After all, nobody likes squished sandwiches and room-temp yoghurts.

Scrolling down a little to the ‘Frequently bought together’ section gives you the option to add some freeze boards to your basket. These will set you back just shy of an additional £10 but make a fine accessory for the cool box.

RRP: £31.95


Bibury 5-in-1 Multitool.

The year is 2020. Technology and gadgets are at an all-time high. So, why have 5 different tools taking up space, when you can have a 5 in 1 multitool that takes up one-fifth of the space?

Confusing sentences aside, this multitool comes with a variety of, you guessed it, tools! Including a miniature saw, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver, this handy accessory is perfect for DIY jobs on the road. With a 9-in-1 bit set and a button-up pouch for storage, the Bibury 5-in-1 Multitool is the perfect ‘just in case’ gadget for any truck driver.

RRP: £16.99


Da by Sun Visor Organizer.

This accessory (made by the oddly named Da by) currently sits at a 4.5-star average rating from over 50 reviewers. With its 9 pockets a zip-up pouch, it’s easy to see why.

Available in black, brown, or silver, this handy piece of kit slides over your sun visor with two elasticated strips. This gives the truck driver somewhere to store items such as phones and cards all together whilst keeping them neat and organised. Drivers will also have a place to store their glasses (or sunglasses as mentioned in previous blogs) with the helpful glasses clip.

At under £20, we can’t recommend this accessory highly enough. This is definitely one of those gadgets that we believe every truck driver needs to own.

RRP: £16.99


VOVOIR 12V Electric Heating Lunch Box.

From the cold to the hot, the next must-have accessory for your truck’s cab does the opposite of our previous entry – it keeps your foodstuffs hot. And with over 200 ratings earning this lunch box an average score of 4.5-stars, this gadget must be doing something right.

Powered by a 12V car charging cable, this heating lunch box can be used from right inside your cab. From pasta to soup and everything in-between, this gadget will heat up your meals in around 30 minutes. Portable and easy to clean, this heating lunch box comes in two colours – silver and yellow. Personally, we prefer the yellow-handled model.

RRP: £20.99


Halfords Motoring Abroad Kit.

As a trucker, you’ll likely be making trips into and around Europe from time to time. And, as I’m sure you know, the rules of the road aren’t always the same. But with this kit, you’ll be prepared for all scenarios.

This all-in-one kit includes the following:

  • Headlamp adaptors with fitting instructions.
  • Heavy-duty warning triangle with enhanced stability legs.
  • Reflective vest.
  • GB sticker.
  • 35-piece first aid kit.

All of this comes in a high-quality storage bag with Velcro fixing straps, making it easy to store in your cab, and is a vital accessory for any drivers travelling abroad.

RRP: £35.00


Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker.

Coffee on the go? Yes, please. For the truck drivers out there with a love of coffee (let’s be fair, it’s most of us) this gadget is like birthday and Christmas rolled into one.

Currently, the Wacano Nanopresso Portable Expresso Maker has over 450 reviews, averaging out at a 4.5-star rating. This portable tool boasts the ability to make shots, café lingo, and cold brew all whilst out and about – ideal for truck drivers with a taste for coffee. Simply place the capsule into the device, screw the lid on, press the piston, and voila! Delicious coffee.

Compact and ready to go, this accessory is a little on the pricey side. But, for what it does and the convenience it brings to drivers, we’d say it’s something you should definitely consider keeping in your cab.

RRP: £89.99


Amazon Kindle.

When you’re spending time on the road, entertainment can be sparse during your breaks and rests. And let’s face it, you don’t have the space to store dozens of books in your cab. That’s where our next gadget comes in handy.

If you didn’t already know, the Amazon Kindle can store thousands of books all on one device. And, with a library of over one million books, you’ll certainly never get bored again. Available in both black or white, this gadget boasts a fortnight-long battery life as well as a backlit and a glare-free screen – even when in direct sunlight. What’s more, Prime members gain unlimited and free access to over 1,000 titles.

With over 8,000 user reviews scoring this gadget an average rating of 4.5-star, this is definitely something that every driver should consider taking with them on the road in 2020.

RRP: £69.99


JU SHUN Foldable Car Bin.

Here’s something we bet you didn’t know existed – a dustbin for your car. I know, right?

Claiming to be both anti-smell and leak-proof, this foldable rubbish bin comes with an adjustable strap and bottom hook, allowing drivers to place it almost anywhere in their cab. “You can even pour leftover coffee or tea into the trash bag directly” is claimed on the description, making it a perfect accessory alongside the Wacamo Nanopresso Portable espresso maker.

With such bold claims and setting you back less than £15, this is surely a must-have for a professional truck driver this year.

RRP: £12.99


MoKo Phone/Tablet Stand.

After a long time on the road, you might want to have a lay-down and catch up on your Netflix Watch List (it’s 2020, we’re not going to judge what’s on there). But you’ve been using your hands all day, and holding your tablet or phone is the last thing you want to do.

Thankfully, the Moko Phone/Tablet Stand does exactly as you’d imagine, allowing you to lay back and enjoy your movies and TV shows as if you were enjoying them on a TV screen.

Available in a range of colours from black or white to purple or blue, there’s a stand here to suit every type of truck driver. And, for a price that cheap, you’d be foolish not to own this 4.5-star rated accessory.

RRP: £6.99


Thanks for reading, and remember that you can read more of our blogs right here. Happy driving!