Top Dash Cams For Truck/Lorry Drivers in 2019.

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The year is 2019. We can have our shopping delivered to our door at the touch of a button. We can discover the first Pharaoh of Egypt within seconds. We can talk to our estranged cousins who live abroad with instant messages.

And yet, some drivers still don’t have dash cams.

Dash cams are a huge must for any professional driver. And no, not just because they’re like something Q would give to Mr. Bond.

These small devices provide peace of mind on the road. Recording footage of the road ahead, these nifty little boxes can be used as evidence in a court of law. Many a horror story involving trucks and vehicles on the road have ended happily using footage from a dash cam. If you don’t believe us, check out the review section of any of dash cams we talk about in this blog.

So, before heading back out onto the road, here are some of the top dash cams on the market right now for you to enjoy.

Nextbase 612GW.

RRP: £250.

Features: UltraHD 4k Resolution, 150-degree wide angle (WDR), rechargeable magnet mount.


The Nextbase 612GW dash cam boasts first of its kind technology. The video quality is unmatched, and this device has become award-winning because of it. With the latest Exmor R CMOS sensor technology from SONY, this dash cam is on the pricey side. But as they say, you get what you pay for. And can you put a price on safety?

AUKEY Car Camera 4k Dash cam.

RRP: £109.99.

Features: 6-lane wide-angle lens, front & rear cam, WDR night vision.


This wide-angle lensed dash cam offers two cameras, covering both the front and rear end of the vehicle. Along with parking mode automatically detected and emergency recording, the AUKEY Car Camera 4k Dash cam presents a sensible, middle of the road (if you’ll pardon the pun) option in terms of price.

Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam.

RRP: £159.99.

Features: 1080p front & cabin recording, motion triggered parking monitor, infrared night vision.


Thanks to a nifty gravity sensor, this dashcam locks recorded videos to the “Event” folder when a collision, hit or bump is detected. With a greater threshold for working temperatures (between -20 to 70-degrees), the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam is great for any driver taking to the roads in various parts of the world.


RRP: £129.99.

Features: GPS tracking, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connection, Driver’s Behaviour Analysis.


The JIMI JC200 dash cam brags a list of useful features. From live streaming and remote engine cut-off to USB data interface and driver SOS button. Furthermore, the GPS tracker updates in real-time, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of any incidents that may happen. The JIMI JC200’s DVR recorder also detects vibrations and displacement to your vehicle, triggering an alarm sent via SMS or application notification.

ORSKEY Dash Cam.

RRP: £32.99.

Features: 3.0” screen, 170-degree wide angle lens, night-vision cam.


This affordable dash cam may not boast as many fancy features as others on this list, but what it does do is get the job done. With G-sensor-activated emergency recording, the ORSKEY Dash Cam automatically saves and protects footage of unexpected driving incidences.


RRP: £69.99.

Features: 300-degree rotate angle, one-button-share, super night vision.


The AUTO-VOX D6 Pro dash cam provides 1080p resolution and a Panasonic CMOS sensor, giving any driver bang for their buck. This device also proudly brags a very small size, taking up minimal space on your windscreen or dash. This dash cam also contains a very useful feature in which the driver can take a picture with just the wave of their hand.

RQBKING Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam.

RRP: £120.

Features: 360-degree rotation, Wi-Fi, 1080p FHD lens.


This dash cam automatically locks and protects the latest footage when detecting a shake, bump, hit or collision. A built-in Sony IMX323 image sensor allows for vivid pictures of the road ahead. A 170-degree field of view combined with continuous recording means that no incident will be missed.


So, you might be wondering why we didn’t list these dash cams in a specific order or rate them. The honest answer is that they all have their positives and negatives. And the most important thing to take away from this list is that every professional driver should invest in a dash cam, regardless of which one.

So, the next time you head out onto the road, why not pick up one of these before heading into the driver’s seat?

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