What Jobs Require Forklift and Counterbalance Trucks?

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Are you looking to make 2022 the year you start a new career? With the world slowly beginning to return to some sense of normalcy, there is no better time to start your journey on becoming a forklift or counterbalance truck driver.


Why become a forklift or counterbalance truck driver?

Before looking at some of the jobs available for a forklift or counterbalance truck driver, we thought we would first look at the benefits on offer. Becoming a qualified driver will help to unlock a host of doors in your professional career. Not only does it offer a competitive wage, but being a professional forklift or counterbalance truck driver is also an incredibly stable occupation that will see you always in demand.


Recent research has found that demand for forklift and counterbalance truck drivers is on the rise. The number of job adverts looking for drivers increased 209.5% in the last year, which in turn is driving salaries up, too.


As an operator of one of these vehicles, you will often find that your day-to-day duties are incredibly varied. You could be working across a range of workplaces and clients, helping to ensure that no two days will be the same. Becoming a professional driver is also a highly flexible position, with employees often working shifts, which gives you a great range of work/life balance. Some weeks you will be able to spend the weekends with your friends and loved ones, while others you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom and peace that comes from having a weekday off to yourself.


What jobs are available?

Warehouse and logistics operations are the two biggest employers of forklift and counterbalance truck drivers. These are highly in-demand industries and, with the rise of eCommerce, are only set to grow bigger in the coming years. Typically, drivers will be responsible for loading and unloading goods, manoeuvring them around the warehouse, and placing them in storage.


However, forklift and counterbalance truck drivers are not just utilised in warehouses. The job is incredibly varied that could see you working in ports and airports working with goods and consumer roles. They are also regularly required on building sites, meaning you could be helping in the construction of some of the most luxurious or tallest buildings in the UK.


Many entertainment venues, particularly large sporting stadiums, festivals and concerts, require professional operators when preparing for the event. This means you could be helping set the stage for your favourite band or festival!


What’s needed to become a driver?

While the role is incredibly varied and offers huge potential, you cannot legally operate these machines without the correct licence. That means before you start applying for positions, you should first undertake your training and licencing to ensure you stand the best chance of securing your dream role.


The good news, however, is that you do not need any experience to begin your training. Many of the licencing bodies will take complete beginners, and they will take you through the process step-by-step to starting your new career.


Looking to become a driver?

Are you thinking of becoming a forklift or counterbalance truck driver? Here at FlexiStaff Solutions, we are dedicated to helping people undertake training and refresher courses. We pride ourselves on working closely with each of our clients, and our qualified instructors will create a comprehensive training plan that meets all of your requirements.


So no matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced driver looking for a refresher course, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you.